How Southside High School’s high school basketball team became an NBA dynasty


It’s been nearly two decades since Southside’s football team became the Southside Football Club, and the school is still making the transition to an NBA franchise.

The Southside School Athletic Association announced Friday that Southside and its basketball team are the subject of a merger proposal.

The Southside Academy of Excellence has been a key part of Southside since its founding in 1978, when the school’s basketball team was the first to make the NCAA Tournament.

The NCAA’s March 30 announcement about the merger, which would create the Southsider Academy of Leadership and Development, will take effect in two years.

The academy will serve as a foundation for the NBA’s new Los Angeles Lakers.

The announcement of the merger comes as the league is trying to diversify its product through expansion and the NBA Draft, which is set to take place March 31 in Los Angeles.

The NBA is in the final stages of deciding which of its franchises will receive expansion rights.

The basketball team has been the school basketball powerhouse of Southsiders past.

Southsides win-loss record has been in the top 10 in the state of Ohio, and it is one of the most successful high schools in the country.

Southside High will be one of five schools to participate in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, the first time any team from the area will play.

Southsiders basketball team played in the 2016 NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament in New Orleans, and a season later was a semifinalist for the Wooden Award.

Southside has won the Division III Women’s Basketball Conference title three times.

The team will compete in the 2019-20 season in the South Side Academy of Basketball Excellence.

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