School leaders to discuss ways to address climate change at Mceachen High school


Cordova High School is planning to address a climate change impact on the school, but it’s not clear how or if it will happen.

In the fall, Mceafahl School leaders decided to do a comprehensive review of climate change and its impact on school activities, said school board chairwoman Sharon McNeill.

The board is also looking into the feasibility of establishing a new high school that is climate-friendly, McNeill said.

Cordova High is in rural Cordova County, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of the city of Cordova.

The school district doesn’t track greenhouse gas emissions.

Cebran Renez, a spokesperson for the county schools, said the Cordova school district had already begun looking into its environmental impact on campus, and that its environmental assessment included the possibility of a climate-neutral school.

But Renezz also said that Cordova is working on a climate plan, which includes a list of goals and the school’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Cedars High School, located in nearby Reno, is also working on climate change-related plans, and is in the process of completing a plan for a new school.

In 2016, Cedars announced plans to convert its facility to a carbon-neutral building.

Cedars also has a program that requires students to wear masks in their classroom and work to get students to reduce their carbon footprint.

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