How to Make Your Own Leones: This Week in LEON High School,Burbank High School


The week ahead will include a lot of news, but today we’ll be talking about the most exciting and controversial news of the week.

In the past week, there have been several lawsuits filed against LEON school officials, and a group of students have been suspended or expelled.

The lawsuits were filed in California, New York, Ohio, and New Jersey, and they allege that the school district was failing to adequately protect students from sexual harassment and assault.

The lawsuit claims that the district failed to provide enough protections to the students and staff, which resulted in “significant disruption” and “the need for the district to address these issues” in an effort to ensure students were safe.

The complaint is currently being reviewed by the California Board of Education, and if the school board approves it, it could be a potential precedent for other school districts.

The lawsuit also alleges that the board was not transparent with parents and students about the sexual harassment policies and policies of the school, and that the schools staff did not take steps to ensure that students were not being harassed.

The plaintiffs also allege that students had been “harassed by teachers and staff.”

On Monday, a judge ordered the school to allow the students to attend the new school, despite the lawsuit’s demands that they not attend.

“The school district failed in its duty to protect students in this case and, in fact, the school failed its duty of care,” Judge Michael B. Worsham wrote in his decision.

“In this case, the district is failing to protect the students by allowing the students in its care to attend.”

The lawsuit alleges that “there is no credible evidence that the students who were sexually harassed at the school had any reason to believe that the sexual behavior was consensual or even that the harassment was reported to the school’s human resources department or that the conduct was taken seriously by the school officials.”

In a statement, LEON Principal Robert M. Leggett said that “we are disappointed in the court’s ruling and will continue to work with the district and its community to address any concerns the district has regarding the safety of our students.”

Leggett did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TIME.

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