How to build an online portfolio of your schoolwork


More than a year ago, Mitchell High School in Mitchell, Texas, launched an online-only portal to showcase its schoolwork and highlight the achievements of students.

“We are hoping this portal will become a gateway to our students to discover our school’s accomplishments, and share with other Mitchell students,” the school said in a press release at the time.

The portal allows students to upload their high schoolwork to a dedicated repository that the school uses to highlight the achievement of its students, like math, science, and English.

Mitchell is not alone.

The U.S. Department of Education announced in June that it is creating a portal to help schools build online portfolios.

The agency plans to develop and distribute “virtual portfolios” that include a detailed set of students’ schoolwork, their accomplishments, their grades, and their school’s “achievements in the areas of academic achievement, professional development, extracurricular opportunities, and other school and career goals,” according to a release.

The Department is also expanding its efforts to encourage schools to share their work with other schools and other organizations.

Last year, the Department also launched the National School Profile, which aims to make the job market easier for students with a diverse set of experiences.

As part of the program, school leaders and administrators will be able to submit their own high school work, with schoolwork submitted as a Google Doc, to the site for school leaders to share.

“As a result of these new tools, schools will be much more able to identify, highlight, and engage with the students of their choosing,” the agency said in its press release.

A virtual portfolio is a great tool for high school teachers to showcase their work to their students.

But how do you actually get the work on your school’s portal?

How do you make it appear on the portal?

In the first week of September, a Mitchell high school student named Kaitlin submitted a screenshot of a page titled “High School Work.”

She was able to find the portal by using the Google Doc to upload her high school’s schoolwork.

Kaitlyn was able, through the portal, to view her high-schoolwork in the Mitchell portal, and to download a copy of her highschoolwork from the Mitchell home page.

But it took some work to get the page to appear on her school’s website, because the school’s online-to-offline portfolio was not fully developed yet.

“I am extremely grateful to Mitchell High for the great work they are doing to build a portal that allows for students to see their schoolwork,” Kaitlynn said in her email to Next Big Futures.

“It would be so much easier if they could just put a link to their portal and let people upload their work there.”

She added that Mitchell’s online portal is a huge step forward for school boards, as well as the education community in general.

“Mitchell High has really made it a lot easier for schools to build online portfolio sites, and hopefully that will be the case for other schools across the country,” she said.

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