Horizon High School’s first anime premieres at #2 on Crunchyroll list


Horizon High, the high school anime about high schoolers in the high desert, is currently #2 in Crunchyrocks list for anime.

The animated series premiered in Japan on January 19 and debuted on Crunchies Top 25 Anime on January 20, 2017.

In Japan, Horizon High is a continuation of the story from Horizon: The Beginning of the End, Horizon, Horizon: Beyond the Edge, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

The series also stars:Satsuki Asakura ( A Certain Magical Index: Maiden’s Kiss ) as Atsuko Nagano, the star of the franchise.

The original Horizon anime follows the lives of high school girls living in a world overrun with magical beasts.

The anime has inspired numerous spinoffs and spin-offs based on the franchise, including Horizon Zero Time and Horizon: Frontier, and the spin-off Horizon: All Stars.

Horizon High was directed by Masahiro Sakurai ( Dragon Ball Z Kai , The Wind Rises ).

The series premiered at #1 on the anime chart, and debuted at #3 in its first week.

The anime is produced by Kobo and Sentai Filmworks and features the voices of:Ryūichi Kaji ( K-ON!, Yu Yu Hakusho ), Ai Yoshimura ( Yu Yu Hana ), Kana Hanazawa ( YuYu Hakushochō ), and Yoshihiko Sugiyama ( Sword Art Online: Infinite Stratos , The Sword of Fate ).

The show will premiere on January 27 at 8:00 p.m.

(effectively Friday at 8 p..m.) on Crunchyz.

Horizons anime premiere on Crunchykills list of the top-rated anime.

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