Cherokee High School Anime Releasing In Japan As Anime Topples Cherokees High School


Posted January 08, 2018 07:11:37 Japanese anime company Sentai Filmworks announced on Monday that it will release the original Cherokkee High anime series in the United States in the fall.

Sentai will release Cheroku’s High School anime series as a DVD and Blu-ray box set, which will include a special feature that will be released on the show’s Blu-Ray Disc and DVD releases in the US.

The Blu-rays will also include a new promotional video for the series, and the series will also be available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. Sentei also announced that it has licensed the series to Disney XD, and will distribute it through its streaming service in the future.

The series will be produced by Sentai, which has produced a number of other anime series such as Gintama, One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Super.

Sentry will be handling the dub, while A-1 Pictures will handle the soundtracks.

The anime series premiered in the Japanese version of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2008.

Sentarashi fans are hoping that the series can reach an American audience, as well as being released in North America.

The story follows two high school boys named Cheroki and Cheroks who are students in Cheroko High School.

The pair are also members of the Cherocheese High School Chiyo Club, which includes three members named Cherogas and Cheo-Cheo.

Sentaku also announced on Tuesday that it plans to release the English version of the series in 2018.

Sentari’s latest anime series, which also has been licensed by Disney, is Gintoki Sakuraba’s The Black Cats.

The show follows Gintaku Matsudaira (aka Ginta) and his friends who are living a normal life in their hometown.

The Black Cat is a fantasy-themed fantasy series that has been in syndication for two decades.

Sentario and Saitama Shounen Channel are producing the English dub, and Sentai and Aniplex are distributing the series.