‘I’ve got no money’ as parents battle to keep children safe


The parents of two high school students who died at a West Lakes park have lost the support of their local council after they were given the wrong information about a lockdown.

Key points:A parent was told the lockdown was to protect children from a drug overdose, but the family says they were not told about the risks parents face when they visit schoolsThe school said there was a drug outbreak in the area, but a police spokesman said it was “absolutely not” a drug-related incidentThe family’s lawyer says the school has a “fundamental duty” to inform parents when there is a risk to their children.

They said they were told that there was an “emergency lockdown” at their school on Wednesday afternoon and the lockdown will be lifted shortly before lunchtime.

“They told us they were going to lift the lockdown today at lunchtime, but we weren’t told about this,” Lisa Hines said.

“The lockdown was put in place to protect the safety of the children and staff of the school.”

Ms Hines was told by a police spokesperson that “an outbreak of a drug or drug-like substance has been discovered” at West Lakes High School, which sits in a remote area of the park.

“It is absolutely not a drug related incident,” a spokesperson said.

It’s understood the lockdown, which has been in place since late July, has been lifted.

West Lakes police spokesman Senior Sergeant Craig Anderson said there had been a number of incidents in the park in recent weeks.

“These incidents have resulted in a number, potentially dozens, of arrests and are all being investigated and closed,” he said.

He said there were no reports of drug-using students.

“As a result of these incidents, the lockdown has been extended to ensure safety for all our children and we will be releasing a statement shortly on whether this has been a drug incident,” he told 7.30.

But Ms Hines says the lockdown is only for “a very limited period of time” and that the police “do not want to be making people panic”.

“I don’t want my children being in harm’s way.

It’s a tragedy,” she said.’

They’re a great school’The parents of the two students who were killed at West Lake High School are devastated and are trying to keep their children safe.

The parents said they had been told by the school that there had a drug epidemic in the vicinity of the building and a lockdown would be lifted when there was no evidence of a problem.

“We were not given the information that we need to know to keep them safe, and I just can’t understand why,” Ms Hine said.

The family also said they do not understand why they were contacted by the police and the school about the lockdown.

“I just feel completely devastated,” Ms Tressan said.

“They’re just a great high school.”

A West Lakes Police spokesman said the school did not “know or have knowledge of” any drug-based incidents.

“In relation to the lockdown at Westlake High School and the situation surrounding the school, it is not in accordance with any policy, policy or practice to have any students or staff confined to their home,” he wrote in a statement.

“At this time, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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