How to win the Merseyside derby


In 2018, Merseysiders will play a fixture in the heart of the city for the first time ever.

On Sunday, September 30, the Mersey Express will begin to move from its current location at the M4 at Highbury, north of Liverpool.

The new venue will offer more than just a new stadium, but will also be home to Merseysides biggest club, Liverpool FC.

The Merseysider Express will become the home of Merseys’ most prestigious football club, the club that has inspired a generation of fans since its inception in 1924.

The stadium is set to open to the public for the opening of the season in 2019.

The football club is a Liverpool-owned entity and the club’s home is set alongside Anfield.

The Emirates Stadium was built in the 1960s and is Liverpool’s most iconic and iconic stadium, as well as the home for the club itself.

This match will mark the first derby in the Merriweather Postcode Lottery (MPL) era, and will mark a new chapter in Merseys football history.

It will be Merseys fans first derby at the Mersees biggest club.

With the Merrie Follies and the North East FC coming into the league for the second time in 2018, Liverpool fans will be looking forward to watching a game at the Emirates Stadium.

Liverpool FC and Merseysurs Premier League clubs, Liverpool Football Club, have both expressed their interest in hosting the derby.

This will mark Liverpool’s first derby away from Anfield since 1996, when the Merrittdale Town and the East Riding of Yorkshire met at Anfield for the final match of the Premier League season.

Merseysiding derby will be one of the few sports to be held in Liverpool for the past 20 years, and is likely to be the largest and most popular of the league’s two seasons.

The derby will feature the biggest names in Mersey derby football, including Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

The first match will be played on September 30 at 6pm, and the second will be on October 4 at 7.30pm.

The game is set for a 90-minute period, and fans can watch it live on Sky Sports.

The second derby is set against Everton on October 10 at Anfield, with the first leg being played at the same time on the evening of October 5.

Everton will play Liverpool in a clash between the two teams.

Everton won the Merrettes first derby 4-0 in 2014.

Everton’s manager Ronald Koeman has stated that the derby is the biggest rivalry in Merays Premier League.

Everton have had the chance to play their first derby of the year against Liverpool in the derby against Everton in 2014, and this will be their first encounter with Merseys rivals in years.

Mersey Derby will also feature Liverpool’s new home, the Anfield Arena.

Liverpool will play their second derby in a new home away from Merseys in 2019, and a new Merseys derby will kick off in 2020.

Liverpool are the first English team to play in the new arena.

The Anfield Arena was built to host Liverpool FC’s first home league game in 2014 when they played at Wembley Stadium.

Everton, who have been in the Premier league for less than a year, have also played at Anfield in recent seasons.

Liverpool fans have been a fixture at Anfield since the early 2000s, and have been the ones to hold up the new stadium in a passionate way.

Everton fans have taken to their social media platforms to express their excitement about the derby, with many expressing their love for the derby in their messages.

Liverpool supporters have also made sure to share their excitement for the Merries first derby, writing on social media that they will definitely make the trip to Mersey, and that it will be the biggest derby in Merries history.

Liverpool’s fans will make sure to follow the club on social platforms, and keep up with all the latest news on the Merryseys derby.

The most important thing is that the Merlethides supporters are able to enjoy a derby at Anfield.

If the Merley derby is not exciting, it is the most important match in Merry derby history.

To learn more about Liverpool’s home game against Everton, please check out our guide to Liverpool’s 2018 home matches.

Merriffes first Merseysurveys derby will mark an important moment in Merneys sporting history, and we look forward to seeing the Merrods new home arena.

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