How much will it cost to get a scholarship for the Antioch High School’s upcoming football season?


Antioch, California – The Antioch football team will play its first game of the new football season at Antioch Community College this Saturday, and the costs are expected to be in the $15,000 range.

The Antioch School District has announced a scholarship scholarship for every student who applies to the Antiakostadore football program.

This is the first year in the school district’s history that football scholarships will be awarded to students regardless of how long they have been attending the school.

The scholarship is designed to help students who attend the Antiacostadores and are interested in pursuing their interests, said District Superintendent Michael DeSantis.

“The goal is to provide the scholarships to the students that we know are ready for them to be able to pursue their dreams, DeSantes said in a news release.”

As we know students who are currently enrolled in Antiacos football program are eager to do what they have always wanted to do and help lead the school to greatness,” he added.

Antioch’s football program is led by head coach Joe Pappas and includes the Anticostadors four members of the football team.

The school has not yet announced a specific number of scholarships.

Antiacostads football team plays home games at St. Pauls football stadium in Antioch.

The school district will also be hosting a special event on Saturday, Oct. 2, for Antiacadores players and alumni who are interested.

This event will be a kickoff event to kick off the new season, with the Antichadore Football Club opening the season on Oct. 4 against the University of Illinois at Champaign.

The game will also feature a visit by former Antiaco players and former members of Antiacs football team, and is working with the school and community to set up a pregame ceremony to welcome the team to the field.”

We have a strong football program and a great alumni group that we are really proud of and that is what we want to do to start the season.”