High school teacher dies in shooting at Orlando school



— A high school teacher in Florida died Monday, a day after an armed man entered a school and opened fire on a class of 12- to 14-year-olds, killing one teacher and wounding seven others.

Wesley Marshall, 48, was killed in the attack, which authorities said began when he and another teacher were in a classroom and shot at a group of children.

Authorities identified the victim as 16-yearold Dylan Williams, a junior at Wesley Marshall High School.

He was the third student in the classroom when the gunfire broke out.

The shooting came on the heels of a shooting in nearby Brighton, Florida, where a gunman killed a woman and injured seven others in what police described as an attempted ambush.

The attack in Orlando, a city of about 2.6 million about 60 miles south of Orlando, came as a federal judge ruled that Florida could begin enforcing a sweeping gun ban passed last year by the Republican-led Legislature.

The ban is intended to limit the sale and possession of semi-automatic weapons and ban the sale of military-style assault weapons.

The Florida legislature last year passed a law banning the sale or transfer of all guns, including those with certain modifications, including long guns, handguns and ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

It’s unclear whether the Florida ban will be enforced.

In a statement, Gov.

Rick Scott said he was “deeply saddened by the senseless and violent attack on a high school.”

He said he is “deepenedly concerned” by the death of the teacher, and that his office was working with law enforcement.

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