How to handle the news of Allen High School graduate Allen High’s football player transferring


A high school senior at Allen High in Colorado was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony sexual assault after police say she sexually assaulted him.

Allen High School sophomore, Allen High football player accused of sexual assaultA high school junior was arrested in a Colorado Springs apartment Wednesday after he allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old boy.

Allen County Sheriff’s deputies say the victim told police Allen High senior Aaron Williams sexually assaulted the victim on Dec. 15.

The victim said he awoke to find Williams naked on the floor of his bedroom.

Deputies said Williams told the victim he had sex with him on the night of Dec. 12 and that he was 14 at the time.

The victim told investigators that he did not remember the alleged assault because he was too drunk and did not recall having sex.

He was also unsure if the victim had any contact with Williams.

The incident was reported to police Dec. 13.

Detectives say Williams is a senior at the school and is in good standing.

He was booked into the Allen County Jail on Friday.

Deputy District Attorney Chris Brown said he is working with investigators to determine the identity of the victim.

He says Williams is in the Allen High Football team.

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