‘This is the greatest day ever’: The day that changed Bristol’s life


By Caroline WalkerPublished September 15, 2018 16:22:03The first day of school was a momentous one for all of Bristol.

The first days of school in Bristol had been a long and challenging journey, but this year the school has come out on top in a landmark project aimed at giving pupils an extra day of learning.

Brighton High School in Bristol was given permission to create a school experience that has been designed to help pupils improve their English.

Brighten’s project is the largest school project to date, with more than 1,300 pupils at the school, and they hope to have their first day out in the classroom on September 16.

Brightens students will now learn about the history of English, and the role of English as the language of the nation.

“The project aims to bring pupils up to speed in English and introduce them to the history, the role and role of the English language in British society, and to provide them with an opportunity to improve their understanding of and engagement with English,” said Brighten Headteacher, Sarah Macpherson.

Brightening is the first time a school project has been funded in the UK, and a project that has come to the school through the £5 million Brightens Schools Fund.

Brightentrees founder, Peter Bickerton, said he was inspired by the history and impact of the early British Empire, which he said was a key part of the countrys development.

“This is a huge challenge, a major challenge for every country and it is very, very significant,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity to teach our students that we can do anything, to change the world, to get better and better at anything we do, and it’s not just about teaching them English.”

They can learn how to think critically, to look at different issues and issues, and I think that is really important.

“The school will also introduce children to other languages.”

We’re going to introduce a lot of languages and there are lots of different languages that we’ll be teaching,” said Macpherons teacher, Elizabeth Williams.”

One of the things that is very exciting about this project is that we’re going in and doing something that is not only about teaching English, but it’s about engaging them in other languages as well.

“Brighten is also the first school in the country to use an audio and video system to teach English.

The system is used in other schools in the city and has already been adopted at Brightens Southside Primary School, which has a student body of just over 2,000.”

I think it’s great to have an audio/video system in a public school, particularly in Bristol, so it makes a huge difference,” said Bickertons Head, Matthew Thomas.

Brightons students are learning about the English alphabet, which is also a part of their curriculum.”

All students will be given an alphabet book, which will be a great tool for them to learn English and it will help them to get a feel for it,” said Williams.

The Brighten project will be launched on September 20.