How to celebrate high school and college at the same time, according to Next Big Futures’


Next Big Trends has announced the winners of their first annual High School and College Highlight Awards.

The program, named the High School Honors and Awards program, recognizes the top honors students are receiving on the college or high school track, along with the most outstanding college and high school achievements.

The awardees are determined based on the students’ academic and athletic accomplishments, and it’s the top awards category on the High Schools Honor & Awards website.

The winner will be announced on June 2 at the 2017 High Schools Honors & Awards Gala in New York City.

In 2017, the High school Honors program celebrated its 10th year of celebrating high school achievement, with more than 400 student-awarded honors.

In addition to the Top Ten, students will also receive an award for Best Student Performance and Best Team Performance.

The awards are presented annually in recognition of students’ accomplishments and accomplishments, as well as those of their coaches, peers, and mentors.

Here’s a look at the top 10 winners this year.

Top 10 Awards 2018 High School Honor & Award Winners 1.

Jaden Smith, Senior, Alabama Crimson Tide, 4.6 pts.


Tiaan Williams, Senior.

Michigan Wolverines, 4 pts.


DeAndre Yedlin, Senior RB, Atlanta Falcons, 4 pt. 4.

De’Andre Johnson, Senior DB, Los Angeles Rams, 3 pts.


A.J. Green, Junior RB, Green Bay Packers, 2 pts.


Jalen Mills, Junior WR, Cleveland Browns, 1 pt. 7.

Marcus Allen, Junior TE, Oakland Raiders, 1 pts.


Marcus Davis, Junior OLB, Detroit Lions, 1 ppt.


Laquon Treadwell, Senior WR, Oakland 49ers, 1.9 pts.



J, Davis, Davis WR, New Orleans Saints, 1 ppt.