How to find the best school for your children


The top 10 best schools for your kids, based on our analysis of data from the 2015-2016 school year.

Read more about the schools we analysed: In our analysis, we identified the top 10 schools based on:1.

How many students attend each school, and how many students complete their education in the top-ranked school.2.

The percentage of students who complete their secondary school education in each school.3.

The ratio of students completing their primary school education to students completing college-level studies.4.

The proportion of students finishing their high school education at the top of their grade.

The top schools we looked at in the 2015/16 school year were:1.)

Trinity High School, Manchester2.)

Trinidad High School3.)

Parkland High School4.)

Trisby High School5.)

Parker High School6.)

Parkview High School7.)

Trinity High School8.)

Parkville High School9.)

Parkerville High school10.)

Trinasby High school

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