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The video-sharing app Instagram has partnered with the Los Angeles Lakers to allow fans to watch Lakers’ games live on the app for free.

The app was introduced as a way for fans to follow the team without having to subscribe to their feed.

But the Lakers are now using it to show fans how the team plays.

“Lakers fans can now stream the games of the #Lakers,” the app said.

“Follow our LA Lakers to watch the Lakers action live.”

The app also includes the team’s player ratings.

Laker fans can also watch all the games live with a one-month subscription to NBA Live.

“For fans who want to know how the Lakers play and why they’re the best, we’re here to answer that,” the Lakers’ Facebook page said.

Fans can also add the team to their “Memories” section and use the app to keep track of what happened on the court in a game.

It is the first time Instagram has made a real-time video app available to its users.

Instagram has a large audience of more than 140 million users and is a major player in the video-video space.

The Lakers are the only team in the NBA that can post live games online for free on the service.

“The app is the perfect way for our fans to see what goes on on the floor and the players’ mindsets,” NBA Live senior vice president Chris Wark said in a statement.

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