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It’s not always easy finding a new high school for a person with a disability. 

It’s a lot harder than finding a school for someone who is wheelchair-bound. 

For example, some schools have a wheelchair space but they aren’t wheelchair accessible. 

If you are unsure about whether a school will be wheelchair accessible, you should look into the following resources. 

A school has to be wheelchair-accessible if they are part of a community high school or university. 

When you go to school, the staff and other pupils must be able to walk. 

You can only go to a school if the school says it will be accessible.

If you need assistance with your application for a school, check out these resources: Schools can make the decision about wheelchair access based on a number of factors, including the needs of the individual, how accessible the school is and whether there are facilities for wheelchair users. 

To find out whether a high school will offer wheelchair access, check the following questions: How accessible is the school?

How many wheelchair users are in the school’s school choir? 

How many people in the classroom are wheelchair users? 

If the school has a policy about wheelchair users, is the policy open to wheelchair users as well?

What are the rules for using the school wheelchair? 

The school wheelchair policy may state that wheelchair users can use the school bus, but it can also state that the school cannot offer the school space to anyone with a wheelchair. 

The guidelines are set out in the National Policy Statement on the Care and Use of Wheelchairs.

What are some other options?

If you have any questions about whether wheelchair access can be offered at a school in your area, or about how to apply for a new scholarship or grant, contact your local council, high school, school, or university, or visit 

We hope this information helps you get to know your school, and to make an informed decision. 

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School wheelchair policy: The National Policy Statement Where to get more information on disability: Wheelchair Accessibility and the NHS: How to Find Out How Disabled Students Can Apply for Education Support in England