Why Redwood High School’s graduation rate is low


Redwood, California, is a city of 4,500, but the school is just one of the dozens in California with a graduation rate of less than 10 percent.

The low rate has prompted a number of educators to call for more emphasis on higher education and a greater focus on students with disabilities, particularly students with learning disabilities.

In 2016, Redwood had a graduation dropout rate of 10 percent and a graduation failure rate of 28 percent.

In 2017, the school had a dropout and graduation rate that was 15 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

One in four graduates who left school with a diploma had a learning disability.

But Redwood has some positives to offer, according to the Southern California Educational Testing Service.

The school has a high graduation rate, but its graduation failure rates are high, too.

Here are the top 10 reasons the school’s graduation rates are low: 1.

High graduation rate makes it hard to enroll students with high-needs disabilities in schools 2.

High dropout rates are a serious problem and need to be addressed 3.

High failure rates make it hard for students with low incomes to access the education system 4.

Students with learning impairments need more support to succeed in school and in the workplace 5.

High number of students with behavioral issues and disabilities has created an uneven playing field 6.

There are so many high-need students and low-income students in Redwood that the district has a huge backlog of students to serve who are high-risk 7.

Redwood’s low graduation rates could be a sign that the school system needs to focus more on helping students with severe disabilities.

The district has invested $300 million in its education system to address the issues highlighted in this article.

The schools’ graduation rates have been in decline for years, but it appears that the number of people who graduate with diplomas has increased.

But that’s not all that’s happening in Redwoods schools.

Some of the district’s schools have seen huge jumps in students with special needs.

For example, students with autism are now the second-largest group of students in the district.

And in 2018, students in grades three through seven who are in special needs were more than doubled in number, according the LA Times.

Redwoods has the second highest percentage of students who have a disability.

According to the LA County School District, about 7 percent of the students in California have a learning problem or learning disability, which means that approximately 1 in 4 students have a physical or mental disability.

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