Tech company makes a $250 million bet on high school graduation


Tech company Tsinghua University is betting big on the future of high school graduates by buying the futures of more than 100 high school students.

The university will pay more than $250m to buy the futures for more than 20,000 high school seniors, according to an announcement by the university Wednesday.

Tsinghu’s $2.5bn bet, which is worth roughly $10bn, is the largest in history.

Tingshu will purchase the futures on behalf of a group of university-affiliated companies including the university’s investment arm and its business-to-business business, according the university.

The school, which has more than 2,000 students, said the deal is “designed to create a better future for our students and to provide them with the best possible opportunities.”

The university is the world’s largest university for higher education and is known for pioneering research into artificial intelligence.

Tinghu, which launched in 2002, is one of the world, if not the worlds, biggest technology companies.

It has invested $500m in the United States and Europe and $5bn in China, where the university is based.

The announcement comes as the tech industry struggles to contain its fears of a cyberattack and its growing role in the economy.

It is not clear how Tsinghans investment will affect students’ graduation rates, which have declined significantly over the past decade and have been tied to a steady fall in student enrollment.

The technology giant, which was founded in 1989, will continue to invest in the industry as a whole and will also continue to buy future contracts from other companies, including Alibaba Group, Tsinghai said.

The news comes after a year-long period of turmoil for tech giants, which came after a spate of attacks on schools in China.

The cyberattacks, which Tsinghan has blamed on China, have also strained ties with other countries, with the United Kingdom last month cutting ties with the tech giant.