How the world’s first solar powered car could change the world


As the sun sets on the world, the first of the solar-powered cars to enter production will be seen on the road for the first time in North America.

A Tesla Model 3 will be produced in California and New York.

It will be the first solar-electric vehicle produced in the US, the company announced on Monday.

The Tesla Model S electric sedan will be used to compete in the global test of electric vehicles.

The US is a major driver of global solar development.

The Tesla Model E battery car has been on sale in the U.S. since December 2016.

Tesla is currently producing a larger, larger battery and is now making its first vehicles.

Tesla also unveiled a plan to build a large solar farm in Michigan and Arizona, a plan that could help meet climate change targets and make the region more energy independent.

Solar power has become a global trend, with some cities around the world planning solar-based power plants.

The solar farms can be large, or they can be small, but the energy is always the same.

That makes it easy for companies to build and scale the technology.

The energy from the sun is cheaper than fossil fuels.