How to tell if your coworker is a good fit for the job


It can be hard to tell what a coworker’s worth to your company, especially when the job doesn’t directly involve work on the client.

But in this post, we’ll show you the most common types of bad employee, and the best ways to tell whether you should hire that coworker.


They don’t really have a job What is the best type of employee?


The guy who just gets along with everyone else.

If you are a good manager and the people around you are great, you might end up with a good, friendly, and well-behaved coworker that is just getting by. 2.

The person who is a total jerk.

If your coworkers personality is just a little bit different than everyone else’s, then you should probably keep him or her away from the company.


The one who is the most obnoxious coworker around.

They are the ones who complain, complain, whine, and do whatever they can to make others uncomfortable.


The “nice guy” who is always complaining about everyone else in the office.

When you meet this type of person, you’ll find that they will constantly talk about how much they hate everyone and everything around them.


The co-worker who hates the boss.

He’ll always have a point of view that is diametrically opposed to everyone else, and they will always try to force everyone else to disagree with them.

They will never have any kind of constructive feedback, so they won’t learn.


The coworker who thinks he is more qualified than the boss, or that he has a superior opinion.

This type of coworker will constantly point out that they are better than everyone in the organization, and that they’re all doing something wrong because of their own incompetence.


The boss.

The employee who always seems to be right.

This is the type of work environment where you’re most likely to get into trouble.


The manager.

The CEO.

This one usually has a very good opinion of himself.

They think they are right and that everyone else is wrong.

He will always talk about their “great accomplishments” and their “big plans” for the company, and even sometimes will try to push for change to improve the company’s culture.


The salesperson.

This person will always complain about their boss.

They can be condescending, but they are never rude or aggressive.

They may not even do their jobs.


The recruiter.

This recruiter will always say something like “We’re hiring, and we’re hiring because we know you’re a good person.

You’re the best, and this is what you do.”

This person has always made a career out of getting you to work for them, and will always be looking for the best and most qualified people to work with.


The HR department.

The people who are supposed to be the best at what they do are always complaining, complaining, and complaining.

They complain about what they can’t do, complain about how they don’t get the results they want, and often have to remind people to do things.

They often end up leaving their jobs due to the constant complaints.


The technical manager.

This usually has an opinion about everything, even things that shouldn’t be considered technical.

They hate to have to do work that doesn’t belong to them, they hate the way their bosses are doing things, and most of all, they dislike the way they think their boss is doing things.


The director.

The tech manager’s biggest concern is always about his own job performance.

He has no concern about his job or his company’s reputation, and so he will constantly complain about the way things are going and how he can’t improve the performance of his job.


The engineer.

The most dedicated employee, the engineer is always very focused on the work.

He loves the technical aspects of things, like the way the company is organized and the way it runs, and he is constantly looking to improve on things.


The human resources manager.

These people usually have no interest in anything other than the work that they do, and if anything goes wrong, they will immediately tell the HR department about it. 16.

The consultant.

These consultants will always have an opinion on everything, and it is their job to make sure that everything is done right.

They have no concern for the people who work there, so if anything is wrong with anything, they are always the first to be aware of it. 17.

The developer.

The developers usually have an absolute love for their job, and can be very passionate about it and extremely demanding about the quality of their work.

If they have any problems, they usually complain about them to HR, or they will try very hard to get rid of the problem themselves.


The artist.

These artists can be a lot of fun to work and always make you feel very special.

They like to design