How to stop bullies from taking over your school


High school wrestling is the ultimate rite of passage in the United States, but many high school athletes are being told they have to go to college to have a chance at success.

With many high schools lacking athletic facilities, athletes who are interested in becoming professional wrestlers have a lot of pressure on them.

And because there are so many high-profile athletes, the schools need to be selective about who gets into college.

The New York Times reported on Monday that a new program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has offered athletes a way out.

The program, called the First Step, offers students a pathway to pursue the sport.

It offers scholarships, grants and internships.

The first step students take, however, is getting in shape and training for competition.

To learn more about the program, the Times reached out to a few high school wrestlers who were involved with the program.

All of the wrestlers told the Times they have no regrets.

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