The Most Shocking Photos of Summer 2018


From the sunny beaches of California to the chilly shores of France, summer is here.

But it can be quite a challenge to get through it all.

Here are the most shocking photos of Summer 2017 that we could find, with captions.1.

Cartersville High SchoolA car crashes into a fence during a school basketball game at Cartersville-St. Joseph High School in Cartersville, Alabama, on Sunday, August 18, 2018.

The school was closed as a precaution.

(Cartersvile School District)2.

Valencia High SchoolValencia, California, is the most visited high school in the United States, according to the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

According to the NSLP, the school’s student enrollment has increased by about 3.4 percent each year since 2009.

In 2016, more than 4.4 million students were enrolled at Valencia High School.3.

Juanita Johnson High SchoolJuanitas Johnson, 17, is one of the schoolgirls who died in a car crash in August, 2018, at her home in Valencia, California.

The high school was shut down as a result of the crash.


Dylan Thomas High SchoolThe first-ever death in the U.S. at a school is that of Dylan Thomas, 17.

He died at the University of California, Santa Cruz Hospital after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle on a bicycle path.

He was 18.5 years old.

The incident was investigated as a hit and run and resulted in charges against the driver of the car.5.

St. John’s College Preparatory SchoolIn April, 2019, St. Johns College Preparational School in New York City was hit by a car that was driven by a 14-year-old boy.

The boy was killed.

The vehicle that hit the school was a red Ford Expedition with tinted windows and a rear spoiler.

The car also had a white paint job and was driving at a high rate of speed, according the NYPD.6.

Vincent Williams High SchoolVincent William Williams, 20, died of a head injury on June 18, 2019.

His mother, Diane Williams, told The Associated Press that the young man’s death was a terrible tragedy that was brought about by a misunderstanding.

The teen and his friends were out on a street party at a local bar on June 17 when he fell and hit his head on a wall.

He suffered a brain injury, according a statement from the New York State Medical Examiner.7.

High School in the ParkOn July 11, 2019 a 17-year old high school student was killed in a school bus in New Jersey.

He had been riding his bike with friends when he struck a parked car on a busy road and crashed.

The driver, a male, was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving.

His name is not being released because of his age.8.

Auburn University High SchoolOn June 26, 2019 the Auburn University High school in Alabama was hit and killed by a bus driven by one of its students.

The bus was a school-issued school bus.

The two students who were riding on the bus, 16-year olds, died at an area hospital.

It was the first time an Auburn student had died at a public high school.9.

Natalie and Robert Jones High SchoolIn September, 2019 an 18-year young woman was killed when a car struck her and then crashed into a home she was staying at in Florida.

Natalie and Robert were both killed.10.

The Great Lakes Community CenterIn January, 2020, a student died after a fire broke out inside the Great Lakes community center, which housed students, faculty and staff.

The fire was brought under control by firefighters.11.

Eduardo Garcia’s family at the time of his death on June 6, 2020 at the age of 31, at the San Antonio Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, was his uncle.

Eduardo was the only son of Julio Garcia, a well-known teacher, and Ana de la Cruz, a school counselor.

His uncle had been working in a medical center.12.

Robert Jones High In 2017, Robert Jones, a sophomore at Trinity Christian Academy in Valparaiso, Indiana, was killed by another student.

He lived in the school and attended a nearby public high schools.13.

Tahquamen Middle SchoolIn October, 2020 a 17 year old student was fatally struck by another car.

It remains unclear if the student was the driver.14.

John Lewis High SchoolJohn Lewis was closed due to a high school basketball tournament.

But the school reopened and students from other schools, as well as some alumni, were welcomed to the school.15.

Coca-Cola campus in St. LouisOn June 25, 2021, a

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