‘Pleasant’ visit: Students at Ballard High School in Alabama are going on an ‘exciting, peaceful, family-friendly’ visit


Courtesy of Ballard Schools Facebook page Ballard Middle School in Birmingham, Alabama, is preparing to welcome students to the school this fall.

On Wednesday, students from the high school received a surprise visit from President Donald Trump.

The students, including senior Taylor, are visiting with the president in the Oval Office.

Taylor said that the visit was “quite nice,” as she was able to meet with the first family.

“I am excited to have a chance to speak to the president, and to be able to have the opportunity to meet him and his family,” Taylor said.

The visit was a “great opportunity for us to talk about the school, the school environment, and just the kind of community that Ballard has,” Taylor told Buzzfeed.

“To be able meet and have a conversation with him and to learn more about him personally and his philosophy is really really cool.”

The school district released a statement on the visit, in which they expressed their gratitude for the visit and for the positive relationship they had with the administration.

The district said that Ballards senior leaders, principal, and teacher were very pleased to be invited to the visit.

“The school is very proud of the partnership we have with Ballard HS and the many positive interactions with our administration that resulted in the first visit,” the statement read.

“We are grateful for the outpouring of support and love for Ballard and its students.”