How to handle ‘high-stakes’ student protests


Hundreds of high school students in Salem, New Hampshire, gathered outside the school Wednesday to protest a school board decision to ban a student’s father from teaching at the school.

The protest was organized by Salem High School’s Black Student Union, and was organized after the district decided to remove a Black student from the school due to his father’s anti-Semitic statements.

The student’s family, along with other Black students, filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, saying the district discriminated against the student by failing to provide adequate counseling to students and not taking any disciplinary action against him.

The lawsuit alleged the district’s policies were racially motivated and violated the rights of students to due process, and that the district failed to provide proper educational opportunities.

The school board said Wednesday it has suspended the father of the student, who is a Jewish high school teacher, pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

The district also issued a statement that said the decision to remove the student was “a mistake.”

“The district will not be taking any action to remove this student from our school,” the statement read.

“He has been removed from his position as a teacher at the high school.”

The district said the suspension was in response to an investigation into the family’s complaints, which it said was ongoing.

The district added that the suspension does not affect the student’s rights to apply for and receive a teaching certificate or receive a graduate degree.

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