Hunter High School to become first high school to receive a full school gym


Hunter High will soon be home to the world’s first high-performance basketball gym.

Hunter High School will be the first high education high school in Ohio to receive its own high-intensity indoor basketball gym, Hunter High basketball coach Kevin Brown said.

The school’s new facility will have six courts and will have full basketball court space.

The high school will be home for Hunter High’s basketball team, which will compete in the state championship basketball tournament, which is scheduled to be played at the end of the month in Erie, Penn.

Brown said Hunter High was a favorite to win the state title and the state of Ohio’s best basketball program.

“We have to do a little bit of a rebranding of our basketball program and have some new players coming in and get the school back on track,” Brown said after Hunter High won the state tournament this week.

“Our program was a little down in the dumps the last couple years.”

Brown said the school will host an indoor basketball tournament in November, a full court workout on the basketball court and the return of Hunter High football and track teams in December.

Hunter High is the first Ohio high school basketball team to play on an indoor court.

Brown says the indoor arena will allow for the team to practice and get better practice.

“That’s going to be a big thing,” he said.

“You can’t get better for practice than when you’re on the court.”

Hunter High will be in Erie for the 2019-2020 season, the first time in a decade that Hunter High has been in the area.

The high school is in the western part of the state, near Erie and Butler counties.

The new facility, which should be complete by the end or end of 2020, will be a part of a larger athletic complex on the Hunter High campus that will be named Hunter High Gymnasium, according to Brown.

Brown hopes to be able to expand the indoor gym beyond Hunter High to include Hunter High Community College, Hunter College and Hunter High Preparatory Academy, as well as Hunter High, which has about 200 students.

The Hunter High gym will feature more than 20 basketball courts and a total of 70 basketball seats, with the school adding additional seating in the fall.

Hunter is in a difficult spot, said Brown.

“We had some really tough years,” Brown told the Associated Press.

“But we’ve had great years.

We’re in the right spot now.”

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