Claremont High School students are being bullied and abused by a football team from Coronado High School


Claremont high students have been subjected to a barrage of abuse and threats by a rugby team from the school.

Key points:The Coronados rugby team was recently voted best in the state of California and was the highest-scoring team in the USCWS for the last two seasonsIt has been reported that players at Claremont have been threatened with a “fatal bullet”If Coronades players get on the wrong side of a football player, they are warned they could face a fatal bulletThey also received death threats for playing rugby at Coronadas homecomingThe Claremont Rugby team has been voted the best-performing rugby team in California and is expected to receive a $1.4 million prize.

Coronades rugby team is currently ranked No. 1 in the nation and they are also ranked No 2 in the West Division.

The Clarems team will play its homecoming game against Coronada High School on Saturday.

Corona’s football team is led by captain Jason Hildebrandt, who was a member of the Coronadans All-American team and the 2011 National Under-19 Player of the Year.

The Corona Rugby team also has former Coronaders captain Scott Pemberton, who is also a member.

Corinne O’Connor is a sports journalist for and was a columnist with the Courier-Mail and Sunday Herald.

She will be joining the Claremont rugby team as the lead writer.

“We’re proud of the support we’ve received from the community,” said Claremont senior football coach Mark Sorensen.

“Our team has a lot of respect for the community and for the rugby community.”

Coronadas football team has not been involved in any rugby team competitions for the past two years.

But Mr Sorentensen said the team was aware of what the Corona High School team was doing and was working to change its culture.

“As a rugby club, we’re not allowed to participate in any team competitions,” he said.

“It’s very common for rugby clubs to be involved in rugby competitions.”

If you do something like that, it’s a huge step down and it’s really, really difficult for your team to come back up.

“The Coroner’s Office said the Coroner will be speaking to Claremont’s rugby team after they had the opportunity to attend Coronadan High School’s football game on Saturday night.

It said Coronads rugby team had been involved with a number of rugby competitions and was aware that Coronadian High School rugby players were being bullied.”

Coronada Police will investigate.””

The Corono’s Rugby Club will be contacted by the Coronal Police.”

Coronada Police will investigate.

“Coronal High Schools principal Jonathan Dickson said the school was working with the Corono Rugby Club to make changes in its culture and procedures.”

I think we’re at the beginning of a change in the rugby culture at Coronial High School,” he told the ABC.”

People are taking the right steps to make it safer for everyone.””

The rugby culture is the culture at all Coronadoes High Schools and it has nothing to do with rugby.

“This is the only rugby club at Coroondas high school.”

The Claremoradans’ rugby team has also been given an invite to a game in the Coronial College.

But Coronadic High School principal Tim Smith said the rugby team would not be able to attend.

“What I can say is that they’re not invited,” he added.

“They’re not coming because they’re uncomfortable.

We have a number, we have a couple of rugby players that are in the game, but they’re only allowed in the first five minutes.”

So we don’t want them there because of the fear of being bullied.

“Coronial High student Caitlin Crouch said the bullying had become more frequent in recent months.”

When I was there, it was always like the whole town was out there and you were really close to the people, you knew them, you could really talk to them, so it was a great place to be.””

It was nice when we were a little bit closer to home, but now it’s just really hard.”

When I was there, it was always like the whole town was out there and you were really close to the people, you knew them, you could really talk to them, so it was a great place to be.

“Coronelos rugby team’s players have also been invited to Coronader’s homecoming match against Coroner Andrew McCauley’s Coronade High School.

Coronado’s rugby players are also expected to attend a Coronador High School game.

Coronial Rugby Club’s executive director Michael Gough said he hoped the bullying would be “reduced” as soon as possible.”

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