How to deal with Northridge High School students getting in fights


In a story that was posted to Reddit and picked up by the Los Angeles Times, students at Northridge high were seen grabbing each other by the throat and punching each other in the face in the locker room.

They were later taken to the principal’s office.

The student newspaper reported that students were fighting in the gym, in locker rooms, and in the cafeteria.

They also reported that they had been told by the school to keep the fights to themselves.

One of the students reportedly told the paper that he felt like he was being “stacked on a concrete floor” with other students.

The students reportedly had been disciplined before for their behavior.

The student newspaper wrote that “no discipline was imposed, however, one student who is on the school’s sports team has since resigned.”

Another student, who went by the username “D-Tee” told the student paper that the school has been “failing our students” for years and that the staff “needs to do more to control these students.”

The LA Times wrote that the Northridge school district was “looking into the incident and are investigating to see if anything more is needed to ensure the safety of our students.”