What to know about high school basketball in New Brunswick


Woodstock High School in New Jersey has been named the 2017-18 Woodstock Basketball Champions for the first time.

The school was chosen as a finalist for the National High School Basketball Association (HSABA) and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) tournaments.

Woodstock joins the ACC and HSABA as the only schools in the state to earn the title.HSABC president Mike Rallings said the team was one of a handful of high school teams from the state with a track record of success.

“I think it speaks volumes of the kind of basketball we have here in New England, and also how well our coaches have done it,” Rallers said.

“We have a great track record.”

The school also made the Atlantic Hockey Association (AHA) All-New England Conference, and was named a finalists for the 2019 Atlantic Hockey Conference (AHC) Tournament, which will be held at the University of Vermont on March 25-26.

Woodstock’s men’s basketball team is led by freshman forward Zach Collins, who was named the NJBIA Most Outstanding Player last season.

The 6-foot-8 Collins averaged a team-high 18.6 points per game last season and is a two-time All-American and a two time NJBIAs Offensive Player of the Year.

The team’s women’s basketball squad was led by sophomore forward Lacy Woodbury, who averaged 10.9 points per contest and 3.3 rebounds per contest in 20 games for the team last season, including a 19-game stretch at Woodstock where she averaged 10 points per games.

Woodbury was also named the All-Atlantic Hockey Conference Second Team last season by the coaches.

The Woodstock HSABC basketball team won the 2017 Atlantic Coast Hockey Association Tournament.

Woodbury also won the Atlantic Conference’s Player of The Year award, which is presented annually to the NJ Hockey Players Association, the NJHPA, and the NJHSBA.

The program will play in the 2019 NJ Hockey State Championships in Boston, Massachusetts.

The 2017-2018 NJHCAA-HPABA Women’s Basketball Championship will be played on March 24-25 at Woodtown Arena.

The NJHSCAA National Women’s High School Tournament will be staged March 31-April 2 in Buffalo, New York.

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