Allatoona High School students protest for ‘free speech’


Allatoonas high school students have been protesting outside the high school to demand the removal of an offensive billboard that reads “Free Speech” on the school’s main entrance.

The banner reads, “Free speech, we are all in this together, we all want to be heard, we want our voices to be acknowledged,” according to a statement on the Facebook page of the Allatoonah High School District.

The district says the billboard is on private property.

In the video posted on Facebook, students said they plan to keep protesting until the billboard can be removed.

“We are here because the posters and the signs are offensive and disrespectful to the students of Allatoonam High School,” the Facebook post reads.

“Free, speech, you are all welcome here, and we want to continue to fight for our right to free speech.”

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