What’s next for Wilson after their high school football title win?


By Football Italian staff The Highlanders had a brilliant performance against a team from a different province, but the boys of Wilson High School in St. Joseph, Quebec have only one goal left to achieve at the highest level.

The Highlander team was victorious in a friendly against the B.C. Lions at their home ground in St-Joseph on Tuesday night, winning 2-1 in the first leg of their second round match against the St. John’s Men.

The Lions won the second leg 1-0. 

The Highlanders dominated the first half, but were eventually undone by a second goal by a young defender, who scored from a free kick.

It was a superb display from the team that finished the first round of the BCS, and will now look to bounce back with a better result. 

“I was looking forward to playing in front of my hometown crowd,” Wilson Head Coach Kevin Hildebrand said.

“This was an amazing experience for the boys.

This is a team that’s grown and matured a lot since our inaugural season.

They’re the team of the future and it’s going to be interesting to see what they can do in the second round.” 

“They’ve got a very bright future ahead of them, and it was an honour to see the boys perform in front our hometown fans, who were the loudest and most passionate crowd in all of Quebec.” 

Wilson have been without a coach since the end of the 2015-16 season, when head coach Kevin Hillebrand was sacked.

The team has been in the middle of a rebuilding phase and has undergone numerous coaching changes, and have been forced to go through a coaching change with the departure of Head Coach Sean Kelly, who left for an undisclosed role. 

Wilsey’s season has been marred by injuries to players including midfielders Ryan St. Clair, Kyle Bugg, and Jordan Oughton, who has been unable to make a consistent impact. 

It will be interesting for the Highlanders to see how much improvement they can make with Kelly back, and if the young men can carry the momentum from the second match into the tournament. 

They are hoping to make the playoffs in their second year under the banner of the Canadian Football League’s Toronto FC, and with the likes of Toronto’s Justin Morrow, and Montreal’s Pascal Proulx joining the fold, the team will have a formidable group of players on the field. 

A win over the Lions would be a significant boost for Wilsey, who had a 2-0 loss to the Montreal Impact last season. 

If the Highlander squad can continue to perform well, they will be a tough opponent for any other team to match. 

Fans are invited to join the Highland High School team on Tuesday for a friendly match against their provincial rivals. 

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