Perry High’s Eisenhower High grads to be inducted into USC Hall of Fame


Perry High School in northwest Houston is set to induct three of its senior class of 2016 in the Class of 2021, a school spokesperson confirmed to FOX 5.

The graduating class will include:Josiah T. Williams, sophomore; David C. Dickey, junior; and James Dickey III, senior.

Williams is the only one of the seniors who was born and raised in Texas.

Dicky, a sophomore, attended Perry for four years.

Williams and Dickey are also two of five seniors to have played football in college.

A fourth senior, Ryan K. Johnson, is also a two-time all-state linebacker at Texas A&M.

The seniors who will be inducting into the school’s hall of fame are:Dickey, senior;David C. Tatum, sophomoreThe Hall of Honor is a recognition of the accomplishments of students and staff members in the highest level of academic achievement, leadership, service, and achievement.

The award is given to students and alumni who have distinguished themselves by outstanding achievement and outstanding personal character in the classroom and in the community.

Perry High’s 2017 class was made up of 22 players.

The Class of 2020 is set for a final selection at the end of this year.

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