‘Happiest place in the world’: How I got my high school backpack back


I have a new backpack.

This one was on a mission.

It was supposed to be my graduation backpack.

It’s a big backpack, with a lot of pockets, and it was packed full of everything I needed to be a college student and a student athlete.

It took me months of backpacking, a year of traveling to New York City and back, and some serious money to make it happen.

And then the day came when I could finally get the backpack back home.

I was in my early 20s when I had my first backpack.

I’d been out with my friends in my hometown of San Diego and had no idea what I was doing, and my backpack was full of the stuff we used to pack.

I remember being nervous because I was in the process of getting my first bag.

But as the days went on, I became a little bit more confident, and I realized that the backpack was going to be something I had to be able to hold and use in real life.

It was time to go backpacking again, and with my backpack, I had a great time.

The day after my backpack arrived in my new home town of San Francisco, my friends invited me to a birthday party.

I had no money to go, but I wanted to have fun and be part of something that was special.

I was able to buy a backpack that would fit in the backpacker bag I was wearing at the party.

It’s a simple thing: I bought a backpack from a friend, got it delivered to me, and put it on.

The bag was so easy to carry and I love it, and now I can take it everywhere.

I’m thankful to my friends and the people who supported me.

I’m also thankful to myself, because I know now that I had the perfect backpack.

The one that made me feel happy.